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Hypnosis is your magical Unicorn

Truth to be told.

Hypnosis is my favorite subject to talk about. I can talk about it all day long. What can be more natural than hypnosis? Besides, who does not like to feel relaxed? Don't we all want to take a break, breath in, and know that everything is going to be alright. I know I do. I love taking breaths. I love to relax, and I love to share this with other people. We live in a crazy world. Everyone is running, no time to breathe in, let alone breathe out. We are so occupied with the outside world that we forget about the most critical world—the unlimited world in all of us. How we feel on the inside will often shift our world outside. But you know this already. Otherwise, you would just skip this, but keep reading. You keep reading because even though you know the basics, it is not easy to apply this to everyday life. Am I right? I do different types of sessions. Some people come for weight loss, anxiety, and others for finding themselves.

Often all of the above, and that's okay too. Healing is a process. It is not a one-day thing. Healing takes time, energy, willingness. I will lie if I say I can fix you one day. Let's be honest; it took you some time to Get to the situation you are in right now. Some people take months, and some take years to seek help. Maybe you were looking in the wrong place. I cannot know these answers. All I know, it's a process. It takes two people to make it work, and sometimes even more. Expecting that I will fix you in one hour is not realistic. Will you feel better after the first session? YES. Will you see some improvement NO DOUBT. Hypnosis rewiring your subconscious mind, and like with everything else that is being reconstructed, remodeled, it takes a bit of time.

I want what is best for my clients. I teach them self-hypnosis because I want them to have all the tools when I am not around. I don't want my clients to be attached to my hip every time they have a hiccup. I want them to take responsibility and work on their flows. I will stand by you. I will guide you. I am your GUIDE. However, I want you to do YOUR work. I cannot do this for you. I can be the best hypnotist globally, but you expect me to do all the work. I am sorry we will not go too far. If I could do this type of magic, I would be an enchantress. We also need to be honest with ourselves. What is the real issue? Sometimes people come and start talking from far. I get it. It's not easy to be honest, and vulnerable in front of a stranger. I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you and guide you. We all need help, even the strongest ones. When you are a strong-minded person, it's not easy to open up. All I want you to know, I am here for you. I am here for your needs. It is your journey and healing time. Take your time. Allow yourself to heal from inside and out. You will see once your inner world changes, everything around you will start to change as well.


Not everyone who wants to know about hypnosis will end up doing it. There are so many misunderstandings, misconceptions, and stigma about hypnosis. Some are scared. As a clinical hypnotist, this is my job to let the person know the truth about hypnosis. Trust me, I tell them all I know. I don't have a hidden agenda. I work ethically, and that means not to harm my clients. I am not running for your money and lying to you. I say how it is. I do believe that people need to know everything before getting into it. To be honest, I wish more hypnotists were upfront. Besides, not everyone who wants hypnosis should get one. If you are coming to my office with one wish to " prove to me" hypnosis does not work, do me a favor and don't come. Now, I am not rude. I do not have time nor energy to prove anything to anyone anything. I can explain to you, yes. I can take my time and guide you. However, I have zero time for the clients who do not wish to heal themselves, and not only that, they want to spoil my day. You can't show it to the blind or tell the deaf. I cannot spend my energy on a person who does not believe or refused to listen because of his enlarged ego. It's okay to be a skeptic.

Skeptics come from a lack of knowledge in a specific area. It's okay, and I am an expert in my field to explain from A-Z. Usually, after 10 minutes conversation, a person would understand what hypnosis is and would be comfortable with it. Even so, if you come just to PROVE that, among all other things you tried, hypnosis DOES NOT work on you. That's on you, my friend. That's the decision you made even before you picked up your phone and called me. At this point, no matter what I say, your mind does not listen. It's okay, and I don't hold this against you. Just remember one simple thing, it is you who created the conclusion, and not me.


Hypnosis- some people think it's magic. It is magical but not the way you think. I will not make you someone you are not. I will not make you a billionaire or speak five languages. I can help you to be more motivated, goal-oriented, free from brain fog. I can help you find your purpose, but I cannot make you an entirely different person. Besides, that's not the point of hypnosis. You already have all of the amazing things in you. All you need is to be polished, just like a diamond. Even diamonds need to be adequately handled and polished. So if you think about it, hypnosis is magical because we all have access to it. Your subconscious mind is your map, so use it. #HYPNOSIS

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