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Making a wrong choice, or maybe it was the right one?

This is the story of my client Christine. She is in her late 40s. One of the most beautiful souls I've met in my life. Some of the names and details will be changed. However, the life story and details I kept untouched. Christine is out of state. She called me and wanted to learn about past life regression. She was a bit worried if it is going to work for her. Her sister had a past life journey many years ago and was not too happy with the results. Now, why can one person have a beautiful experience and other people not so much? It could have been that the client is not ready for the past life due to his belief system. Maybe the client and the hypnotherapist did not have a “ connection.” Perhaps, the hypnotist did not do enough inductions. In past life journeying, you cannot rush. A hypnotist should always get to know his client, get that trusting and then make a plan how he wants to proceed. Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone will have a different journey. Even the same client will not have the same second session. Anyway, let us get back to Christine and her journey. Christine had experienced two past lives, plus childhood memories and womb.

Now, Christine is Anna in the previous life. So, from now on I will refer Christine as Anna. After all, this is Anna's journey now. Anna has a lovely dress, and her hair is long and curly. She is so happy to be there, her best friend Scarlett Is there too. Scarlett is 18 years old as well, and she is Christine’s daughter Ella in current life. They are having a lovely time together like there is no care in the world. There is a guard, a handsome young man that Anna likes very much. This young guard is Christine’s ex-boyfriend Timothy in the current life. Anna wants to be with a guard, but she can't. “I love him, but we have different positions. I am from a noble family, and he is just a Guard”. Christine got very emotional, and she said that” it is a tragic life because I cannot be with a man I love.”

As we go into the next significant scene, Anna is getting married. She is staying by the Altar, about to get married to a good man. His name is Lucas. Lucas also came from a noble family and can give Anna a beautiful life. Worry-free life, when she can have anything she wants. Now, Lucas is Alex in the current life.

Moreover, Alex is Christine's ex-husband. Are you confused yet? I know it gets confusing, but I promise as we go, it will make more sense.

The group of souls joins together. They come into life together so they can teach each other something. Some of the relationships are karmic. Have you heard of karma? Most heard the word karma in lousy examples. Like, it is an instant "payback." However, it isn't about payback. It's more like a balance. You do something good. Something good happens to you. You do something wrong. Something bad happens. But not because it was a " payback," but because it's about learning a lesson. When we are hurt, we can better relate to a person that we broke. You know the old saying, " you can't understand the hunger unless you are hungry yourself. " Karma is meant to teach you. Teach you to love, appreciate, cherish, GIVE, take and stand up for yourself if needed. It's about seeing all the flows and make it work again. If you have relived once and get a second chance, I'm sure the second time around, and you do better. It's like a redo mode, that excellent program that keeps you redo all of your mistakes after each screw-up. Now, don't get wrong. You are NOT getting the same life over and over again. However, you get a similar life, with similar life complications .. but this time, you can decide differently. See how it plays out for you this time.

Also, you can be of different gender in the next life. Yes, even you macho reading man. In one of the lives, you were a woman, man, animal. Sure, there are new souls. But I can assure you. You had your time here in this Universe.

Now, back to Anna. She is wearing a huge dress; you can see that only a wealthy family could afford a dress like that. She is a bit sad because she wishes that The guild was marrying her instead of Lucas. We do not know Guard's name just yet. Times were different, and she had to keep her distance from the Guard. Both would get in a lot of trouble if anyone knew that something is going on between them. But the heart wants what it wants, isn’t that the truth?

Anna is lying down in bed, and she just had a baby girl. Her husband Lucas is there, and Charlotte too. This is their second child. Anna and Lucas had a boy Mateo. Mateo is about three years old, and he is an amusing boy to be around. Mateo is also Jerry in this life. Jerry is Christine’s oldest brother. In the current life, Christine and Jerry have a great relationship. Perfect siblings if you want to call it that. Jerry always looks up to Christine. He always asks Christine for advice, whether it's dating advice or just general life advice. It's interesting how in both lives they have such a beautiful, strong connection. Anna’s little newborn baby girl is Christine's daughter Adriana. Adriana ended up being a daughter in both lives. Anna said that “ this baby girl is my reward,” She felt so connected with her. There was another person in the room. A server lady, this lady is Christine's mother in the current life. You see, for some reason, Christine and her mother, Ingrid have a complicated relationship. Since Christine was growing up, her mother would say to her very hurtful things.

The ending of it is pretty sad. Anna is in her late 30s, early 40s. She is lying down in bed, and this is her last day in that body. Anna is very ill, and she knows that it is most likely the end of her days in that body. The Guard is there to tell her goodbye. Both are upset and emotional. Christine said to me that at that moment, she felt that the guard is her “ soulmate.” The saddest part of it that even in this current life, Timothy and Christine were not together. We remember that Timothy is the guard in the previous life.

So, she had a beautiful, comfortable life with her husband. Why is she sad? Why does she think that she made a wrong choice, and was it an unsuitable choice after all?

If you think about it, Anna had a beautiful life with her husband, Lucas. They had two beautiful children together. A wealthy household, and anything she desired?

In the most profound subconscious state, when her soul disconnected from her body, I asked her that. Anna told me that the biggest regret was that she played "safe" and did not go after her love. Anna believed that if she chose her Guard " name unknown," she would have a different life. Different, no doubt. Better? Doubtful. It's hard to say what kind of life she would have. Times were tough if she went against her entire family. Who knows where that would end, or maybe instead, she would have a quiet, every day like life with her guard.

The sad part, in this current life. Christine and Timothy not together. Timothy always felt that he is " not good enough." This means only one thing, and he brought his pain of not being chosen in the previous life into a current one. Is it possible? Sure it is.

When we experience life, we not only bring the best of the best. Would be great, no? We also bring an ugly side. We bring the hurt, jealousy, insecurities. I wish it was more of a pick and choose as we do it in the supermarkets. Unfortunately, my friends Universe does not work like that. The Universe does not give you free handouts. Nope, instead, it makes you earn , learn and appreciate it and carry on.

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